Why does Hollywood hate us so much?

It's not even the fact that Johansson is playing Motoko (though I'm a bit non-plussed about it, I don't think she can play off the multidimensional character that is The Major). It's more about who I found out they were having doing the directing and the writing..

Rupert Sanders, best known for Snow White and the Huntsman, will direct a script by Bill Wheeler.


Some dink who made an utterly forgettable movie (and is not really known for anything else) and some jackoff writer no one has ever heard of. I mean, there was always an almost 0 chance that a live action GiTS adaptation would have been anything but utter shit, but they're not even giving their A-game, college try with this one. Where are the Sci-Fi directors and writers for a task of this magnitude? Buh.

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