Japanese Girls und Panzer fans are visiting Finland to see a tank

One Finnish tank museum has the last surviving BT-42 tank. The BT-42 tank had some role in Girls und Panzer anime/manga and now Japanese fans have found their way in the museum.

The museum has been trying to get funds to build a shelter for some of the tanks that are parked outside. And now Japanese fans have been willing to fund some of this to get their dear tank under a roof.

It was originally a BT-7 but Finnish armed forces had modified 18 captured units and installed a new turret with British 4.5 inch howitzers. The tank itself was quite bad. One of the BT-42s hit an advancing T-34 eighteen times, without stopping it.


This is the tank.

And these seem to be the girl tankers. A bit weirdly they all have very common Finnish male first names (Aki, Mika and Mikko). I guess they sound cuter than any actual Finnish female names.

One of them is playing Finnish traditional instrument kantele and the Japanse fans have been doing the same while visiting the tank.

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