Confessions - nsfw-ish

I love comically pervy animes which are fanfare laden, especially when they're self aware of such and mock their own perviness. (None of the hentaii nonsense- I draw the line there. I'll always take my fanfare with a side of humor.)

Example: Sacred Blacksmith has plenty of quips between the protagonist and her counterpart- usually he's caught in a situation that isn't his fault and blamed on her. (Skip to 5:20 if it doesnt). It has a pretty solid story, lots of humor, action and few wtf moments.

Then you have Sekirei - a bunch of massively breasted combat "warriors" that are part of an experimental game of sorts. A half dozen flock to the main character, a whiny self doubting guy with 0 confidence or ability to talk to women (in typical anime fashion) and follow him around to "win the game" It's a bit pervier since the girls sound like they're reaching climax when they "awaken" but all in all it's an advancement of your Dead or Alive style fighting, clothes torn, boobs EVERYWHERE. 2 Season,s pretty standard stuff but a good watch regardless.


There's also Heaven's Lost Property (loves to poke fun at the protagonist for being a perv. Exploding Panties Episode. Just saying), Queen's Blade (gets really weird.. the first 10 minutes has a woman made of jello/pudding shooting acid from her boobs.. but it gets better), and Highschool of the Dead all have plenty of fanfare with solid stories.

Ok I feel better now.

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