"Hal" is a goddamn masterpiece!

I just finished the movie "Hal" and wow...just wow. This has easily become my new favorite movie! The story centers around a girl who is grieving the loss of her childhood friend Hal who recently died in a plane crash. The other main character is a robot who has been made to look almost exactly like the late Hal. Hal is made by an organization who's goal it is to help those going through severe depression by creating a robot copy of them to help them get through their grief. The story focuses around robot Hal slowly beginning to gain the trust of the girl and at the same time discovering Hal's past before his death.


The writing is absolutely top notch and will make you fall in love with both of the character. Seriously the story is amazing and a testament to the fact that sometimes 60 minutes is more than enough to tell a complex and beautiful story if you have a good story teller.

The animation is BEAUTIFUL! I don't know what else to say, I have zero complaints about the animation. Some of the best animation I've ever seen.


The audio is really well done. The movie doesn't use music too much but instead likes to rely on ambient sound to convey the mood. Stuff like faint bicycle bells ringing outside the house and a fan blowing in a dark isolated room. All of these things really do an amazing job to really pull you into the atmosphere of the movie. Also the music that is there is also very good, using mostly solitary piano tracks.

To conclude, "Hal" is an amazing work of art that everyone should experience!

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